The Path Less Traveled

We could all take a lesson from a handful of Plymouth fifth-graders.

Paying it forward is a concept that a Greenwood Elementary School fifth-grade class is learning first hand with its involvement in the Plymouth Police Department’s Path of Kindness program.

“Everybody has the power to make a difference,” says Sara Cwayna, a public safety education specialist. “There’s the cliché that you receive more in giving than you do in receiving. This lets kids see the power of that.”

The kids are doing acts of generosity for neighbors, moms and their cousins overseas. Other schools in the district want to get on board with the program, which is a facet of the DARE program started to help teach kids the power of generosity.

To read about how the program works and what the 10- and 11-year-olds are saying about it, read the April issue of Plymouth Magazine or read it online at starting April 1.