Picture Plymouth Results Revealed

What a panel of artistic and city officials--along with your votes--decided for the 2011 installment of the annual photo contest.

Best Overall
Pylons at Medicine Lake by Liz Ansley

Readers’ Choice
Fire Dance by Anjelica Martino

First place: Night Swinging by Danny Dobrin
Second place: Plymouth Wayzata Baseball by Kirsten Busse
Third place: Sliding on ‘The Frozen Lake’ at Fire and Ice by Heidi J Eitreim                                                                                                                                          
First place: Cooling Off at Parkers Lake by Liz Ansley
Second place: White Dresses and Giggles by Michele Frisch
Third place: Picnic by Susan Dyrud Macdonald

First place: Dog Days of Summer by Patricia Dechaine
Second place: Wiley by Michael Biehl
Third place: Running Dog by Kaitlyn Creasey

First place: Cardinal Building a Nest by Luann Carlson
Second place: Tree Frog Sittin’ on a Day Lily by Matthew Pastick
Third place: Ducks in a Row by Mary Manthey

First place: Millennium Garden Falls by Derek Johnson