Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Pizza On Over

Plymouth’s best new wood-fire pizza spot is on the move.

Terry Savoie admits he “likes to gab,” but when it comes to talking about his new company, Red Rover Pizza, and the wood-fired creations he makes in his traveling oven, listening to him will just make you hungry. He’s got ideas to spare on different ways to top his pizzas (on handmade sauce and dough) and places where he knows he could find plenty of  hungry customers. Savoie’s enthusiasm for his new side business—he also owns a shed-construction company—is contagious. 

“People who know me and know about this pizza business say this is perfect for me,” he says. As perfect as a hot, fresh slice of pizza. Read all about Red Rover Pizza in the June issue of Plymouth Magazine, available June 1 at You can also call 612.242.3866 or follow Red Rover Pizza on Facebook—the best way to find out just where that next slice of wood-fired pizza is coming from.