Deal! Hair for all Seasons

Sticking around town, Plymouth residents can nab a steal of a deal on famous pedicures this month.

Well, I've learned my lesson about the need to fact-check EVEN your own opinion. In my February editor's note, I reference the Top 5 spa/salon insider tips of the month--and specifically I note that our 2010 Best Mani/Pedi spot, Hair for all Seasons, is leaving town, so you better get the city's best pedicures soon (so voted by our 2010 readers in the Best of Plymouth survey).

Well, that's only partially correct, and it's win-win good news for us. Owner Kathryn Simpson isn't packing up shop anytime soon, and the pros at Hair are pulling out a pampering deal to beat the band--$20 signature pedis. That's right, you can't beat that kind of deal, both for the price and for the service. So you SHOULD go out and get one of these signature nail treatments ASAP, because this kind of deal doesn't last forever; just 29 days, to be exact.