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Meet Caitlin Ellsworth, Fashion Designer in the Making

Plymouth’s Caitlin Ellsworth loves everything about fashion, from popular TV shows like Project Runway to stylemakers like Gossip Girls star Blake Lively to icons like Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Ellsworth herself might be poised to make waves in the world of fashion one day. Recently, she tied for first place in the Sweety High: Be a Star on the Runway competition. Read more about Meet Caitlin Ellsworth, Fashion Designer in the Making

You Run, Girlfriend!

Plymouth resident Cathy Schmidt, one of the co-founders of Women Run the Cities, wasn’t really joking when she said she never thought she’d be able to run down her block, let alone run a 5K race. A few pairs of running shoes and more than a few miles on the path at French Regional Park later, Schmidt is proud to have completed her first 10K (6.2-mile) race last spring and plans to graduate from the 5K and run in the Women Run the Cities 10-mile race September 23 at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis. Read more about You Run, Girlfriend!

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Pizza On Over

Terry Savoie admits he “likes to gab,” but when it comes to talking about his new company, Red Rover Pizza, and the wood-fired creations he makes in his traveling oven, listening to him will just make you hungry. He’s got ideas to spare on different ways to top his pizzas (on handmade sauce and dough) and places where he knows he could find plenty of  hungry customers. Savoie’s enthusiasm for his new side business—he also owns a shed-construction company—is contagious.  Read more about Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Pizza On Over

Bored with Dog Boarding?

If given the choice, most pet owners would be happy to spend time with their furry friends 24/7, but sometimes pesky things like work or travel mean that you will have to entrust Fido’s care to someone else. You definitely want to know that he is safe and having fun without you, which is why choosing the right day care/boarding facility is an important decision. Read more about Bored with Dog Boarding?


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