Bringing May Flowers

Spruce up your yard with native plants and rain gardens.

This spring, take advantage of the natural landscaping and beauty of your yard. Sunrise Native Plants will hold their 11th annual Native Plant Sale on Saturday, May 28 at St. Barnabas Lutheran Church. “[Native plants] have been in the area for thousands of years. Their benefit is that they’ve evolved in the area,” says Sunrise owner Tom Dickhudt. These plants make great additions to gardens, often with little maintenance, and attract helpful pollinators and birds.

The city of Plymouth encourages using native plants in rain gardens. These gardens help draw rainfall and storm runoff into the ground. Rain gardens can be an easy and seamless addition to your yard.


St. Barnabas Lutheran Church, 15600 Old Rockford Road, Plymouth. Sunrise Native Plants, 34292 Quinton Ave., Center City; 651.257.4414; To learn more about rain gardens, visit