Capturing Beauty

Pat Yentzer talks about his photography and future photos.
First Place Nature & Wildlife

Like many photographers, Pat Yentzer’s love for the art began when he was a teenager. He started out with a Minolta 35mm camera, which used film. “I took pictures for the yearbook, and I published some fancier photos in Wisconsin newspapers, where I grew up,” Yentzer says. Now with digital cameras, he no longer has to fiddle with film.

When he’s not working in the steel business, Yentzer likes to capture nature and his kid on film, one in college and one who has graduated. He has lots of pictures of them when they were younger, and he finds some of the most incredible photo opportunities when he and his wife are in Minnesota’s state parks.

Umbrella Weed, pictured above, is a very tight shot, no more than 2 inches wide, says Yentzer. It’s one of many shots Yentzer has taken of nature, and he hopes to take more. Yentzer and his wife are on a mission to see all the Minnesota state parks, which will create many opportunities for wonderful photos such as Umbrella Weed.