Celebrating 10 Years of Plymouth Magazine

Recapping the not-so-subtle tribute to this title’s 10-year anniversary.

Did you notice? There’s been a deliberate “10” theme going on throughout this issue of Plymouth Magazine, and it’s definitely by design. As our official 10-year Anniversary Issue, we wanted to highlight all of our regulars in spots of 10. There were the 10 things you need to know when preparing for college, teased to from our Around Town section; the top 10 items IOCP needs for its annual back-to-school drive; 10 book picks from volunteer Friends of the Plymouth Library; a civic-minded look at the past 10 years; 10 ways Plymouth schools are flipping their classroom technology; the 10-year Bracket of Best Stories; restaurant picks from 10-year-old or older establishments; covers from throughout the past 10 years; and our annual Prep Elite feature with a Top 10 angle. Needless to say, we had a blast collecting them all; hope you caught—and enjoyed—them.