Derek Brigham, Graphic Designer and Photographer

Local graphic designer Derek Brigham talks about his professional work and photography hobby.

Derek Brigham doesn’t consider himself much of a photographer. Back in 1981, he used an old SLR camera while he was in high school, but today, he just uses his iPhone. “It’s in my pocket, and it’s high quality, so that’s what I use most often.”

Brigham is a graphic designer, running his own graphic design business under his name. He started doing graphic design in 1991. His work is not centered on a particular theme or client; instead, he creates graphics for fitness clients, political groups, universities and think tanks.

His photo “Brothers” is of his sons, and it won first place in the People/Family category of the Picture Plymouth photo contest in 2015. Brigham spoke about how the composition of a photo is hardwired into him. It’s part of why he took this photo, which places his sons on the outer thirds of the frame, with the snow ball fight filling the middle.

In general, the subjects of his iPhone are standard and simple, but lively. “I shoot life. I don’t have goals,” Brigham says. “When you see something, you just shoot it. My photography just shows who, what and where I am. It shows that I’m a father, that I like to get out and enjoy life.”