Discover Ward 2

City Councilmember Jeffry Wosje explains what it’s all about.

Jeffry Wosje, a Plymouth resident since 2000, has been serving Ward 2 since 2011. “Southwest Plymouth is noted for its trails, parks and quiet residential neighborhoods,” he says.

Wosje initially worked at a job that required a lot of travel, but in 2008, decided he wanted to invest more in his own community. After joining the Plymouth Rotary Club and volunteering with the City Committee, Wosje was appointed chair of the Transit Advisory Committee. From there, the next step was City Council in 2011 when the representative from his ward announced her retirement.

“The most rewarding part of being a councilmember is two-fold. First is being in a position to help people, when they need help working through issues with the city and to let them know their local city cares about them and wants to help,” he says.

“Second is using my financial background and experience to ensure Plymouth continues on its legacy of being extremely well-managed financially, and remains financially responsible.”