End of an Era

Celebrating the 38-year career of assistant fire chief Rick Luth.

After 38 years serving at the Plymouth Fire Department, assistant fire chief Rick Luth retired this past spring. It’s a well-deserved respite from years of climbing the ranks at the station—from paid on-call firefighter to station captain to his eventual position assisting fire chief Rick Kline. As such, Luth responded to calls, served as a health and safety officer, and oversaw the reporting of injuries and accidents.

Chief Kline, who’s known Luth for 22 years, acknowledges his lasting impact. “As a fire chief, I was very grateful to have a senior member of my management team so involved, dependable and committed,” he says.

Another of Luth’s legacies includes his involvement with the annual Firefighter 5K, which celebrates its 11th anniversary this month.