Fit and Finesse

Jenni Greenway gets you “tiger fit” with a mixture of athleticism and strength.

Lacing up your tennis shoes and getting yourself to the gym can sometimes be a tall order. Exercise quickly falls to the bottom of to-do lists, and the gym can be intimidating for many. But Jenni Greenway’s job as an instructor at Tiger Athletics is to help every participant be athletic and strong. “[My job is] making people realize that being athletic isn’t necessarily having hand-eye coordination, but having control of your body and knowing how your muscles work,” Greenway says.

Of the three classes Greenway teaches each week, her favorite is TIGERfit—a 60-minute class broken down by movement and focusing on strength building. “It gives me the most creativity as an instructor to make up my own format for the class,” she says.

Greenway is guided by a general rubric, which outlines the series—like core workout or legs—and integrated into each class. But the guidelines leave plenty of room for her own flair and allow her to hone in on an individual class’s abilities. “I think that’s what they’re paying for,” she says, “to come in and get an intense, specialized class.”

The class isn’t a cakewalk—women can burn an average of 500–700 calories and men between 700 and 1,000. But Greenway encourages the challenge. “You don’t have to be a professional athlete to be a part of the class,” she says. “No one will get stuck in the back thinking they can’t do a move.”

Getting fit with Tiger Athletics can be as low- or high-commitment as desired—dropping in for a class is $22 ($17 for students), and class packages start at $105.