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Why does pasta get so much of the culinary glory? Granted, it transforms dishes, comes in shapes galore and has “comfort food” written all over it.

Right about now, we all could use a frosty drink. Whether it’s a boozy sipper, a meal-in-a-glass smoothie, a quenching soda or a simple slug of juice, midsummer is about hydration, cooling down and sipping at leisure. Needless to say, there are hundreds if not thousands of choices.

An assortment of berries such as these can be found at the Plymouth Farmers’ Market and in countless other delicious recipes around town.

In June, we swoon—for so many reasons, though any self-respecting foodie will tell you that it’s all about the berries. The season kicks off with strawberries and just gets better from there: a bounty of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and more.

As the school year winds down and graduation nears, it’s time to plan for those graduation parties.
When it comes to mealtime, Plymouth resident Samantha Peterson isn’t your typical 11-year-old.

The days of summer are soothing and sweet, but woefully, as in the winter season, many of us still spend a lot of time inside, whether that be working, driving, at appointments or running errands.

We will never, ever tire of pizza. We live to talk about it, read about it, reinvent it and, of course, devour it.

Get it thick-cut or crumbled, cooked crispy or smoked—bacon is delicious in
each of its many forms. And lucky for us, bacon isn’t just for breakfast
anymore. You can sprinkle bacon bits on your baked potato, wrap it around your