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Plymouth resident Steve Greenberg’s cooking journey began with scenes that sound like they could come out of a Shakespearean tragicomedy. Every year for the Jewish High Holidays, Greenberg’s family would gather and enjoy the traditional Eastern European food that they cherished.

Plymouth resident Joyce Greene is from an Ashkenazi-Jewish family (Ashkenazim are Jews descended from Germany and Eastern Europe.)  She grew up celebrating holidays with the traditional foods from her culture—with most of the fare involving beef or chicken.  As an adult with a home of her own, Gr

Farmers Markets are great for buying fresh fruits and vegetables, and there’s no better time than September to take advantage of the best the market has to offer.

Bringing an ’80s kitchen up to date, with an eye to the future

Allie Turner, a manager at Rock Elm Tavern, offers up the perfect cocktail for fall. Its simplicity and underlying berry flavors are a great way to transition from the steamy months of summer to the cool and calm of autumn.

Modern Fashion
Servings: One

With so many books available, how to choose? Librarian Jim Magnuson came to the rescue to bring us a few of the best books of September for your fall reading.

Books for Adults

From the outside, India Bazaar’s space has a bit of a generic strip-mall look, which belies the abundance of delicious tastes and attractive household items inside.

Reading outside is a great way to enjoy
the warm summer days, and Plymouth librarian Joanna Redman has provided
us with some great suggestions for
summer reads.

Books for Adults

The warmth and humidity of August make it a great time to sit back and relax with a refreshing cocktail, and Brian Clark and Jackie Bauer at The Cellars in Plymouth have created a special drink for the end of the su

There is no shortage of great restaurants in Plymouth. No matter what strikes your fancy, when hunger hits, there are many  palate pleasers to choose from.