Gina Maria’s Pizza in Plymouth

During the hustle and bustle of a (sometimes) stress-filled holiday season, having delicious pie options to order out just might be a life-saver.
Owners Steven and Heather Olson with their specialty taco pizza.

Putting together a meal during the holidays can be a time-consuming hassle. Gina Maria’s pizza understands how hectic this time of year is, so the local chain accommodates all needs. “We cook for the customer,” co-owner Steven Olson says. “When we opened, I’d even call customers to see how they enjoyed their pizza, asking about the sauce, the cheese—even the driver.”

Gina Maria’s Plymouth restaurant opened in 2012, but the franchise has been making pizza locally since 1975. Along with a full restaurant menu, Gina Maria’s offers take–out, delivery, pizza–by–the–slice and even half–baking. The menu has something for almost everyone, including hoagies, wings, cheese bread and dessert; orders can be placed online, by phone or in person.

Olson is proud of Gina Maria’s food. “We use the best ingredients—that’s the secret,” he says. The special sauce, made fresh daily, is particularly interesting: “It’s got a little more spunk to it than the average pizza red sauce,” Olson says. “It’s definitely something you’ll remember.” 1400 Highway 101 N.; 763.473.0055.


Try This Month

Co-owner Heather Olson has some specific suggestions: “Our specialty pizzas are great,” she says. “My favorites are the Greek Pizza ($8.99–$15.99) and the Taco Pizza ($10.49–$17.99). We’re passionate about pizza, and the people who try us can taste it.”