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Golden Valley-based PRISM celebrated 45 years of fighting hunger and homelessness in the Twin Cities with its second-ever Taste of the ’Burbs silent auction and gala May 28 at The Metropolitan.

Before he started his own project in winter 2010, Wayne Martin’s photos always had someone else’s touch on them. Throughout his career in photojournalism and corporate photography, he always had people telling him what to shoot and how to shoot it.

To think of a playground as simply a place where kids play is to shortchange its importance. Spending time with other kids is an important part of a child’s development, and the playground is one of the best places for children to learn valuable social skills.

Lacing up your tennis shoes and getting yourself to the gym can sometimes be a tall order. Exercise quickly falls to the bottom of to-do lists, and the gym can be intimidating for many.

I’m an old physical therapist. Let me rephrase that: I’m a former physical therapist, and although I’m not old (58), gravity is taking its toll. X-rays show yet another droop (added to all the droops I can see with the naked eye).

Do you know where this photo was taken? The answer will be revealed on the Editor’s Note page of our October issue. Those of you who email with the correct response will get a mention in an upcoming issue.

Those in their 50s, 60s and 70s might think that writing a whole new life script can seem daunting, but therapist and life coach Sue Gallucci disagrees. “It’s one of the best times of your life,” she says of retirement.

Here are her tips for infusing energy into the golden years:

For most of us, table tennis—also known as ping pong—is a Forrest Gump reference or a game we played in a friend’s basement when we were younger. Plymouth’s Macartan Commers, a senior at Benilde- St. Margaret’s, calls it his high school sport.

Audiences have laughed with and recognized the funny and down-to-earth women in Church Basement Ladies since their debut 10 years ago. Now through November 15, audiences will get to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the nationally acclaimed musical comedy at Plymouth Playhouse.