Heidi Palm’s Award-winning Image

Who knew phone photos could be this beautiful?

Heidi Palm has been taking photos for as long as she can remember; she used to always carry her camera with her, but now, she says, she just uses her iPhone: “I love taking pictures to help capture special moments and memories,” she says.

The lifelong Plymouth resident snapped this shot, Winter through a Dog’s Eyes, last year near her home on West Medicine Lake “It was such a quiet and peaceful winter afternoon,” the kindergarten teacher says. “I love my dog and our walks together.  I also love living right by the lake.  This picture captures a special memory.  It was a perfect afternoon.”

Dogs Almanzo (pictured) and Winnie (a rescue last March at the Plymouth Pet’s Mart through Rescued Pets are Wonderful) are half of the Palm family—but not for long. Palm and her husband,  John, are expecting their first child in June.