Holistic Healing for Our Furry Friends

Acupuncture isn’t only benefical for humans.

Sara Williams, a veterinarian and veterinary acupuncturist at NW Animal Hospital, didn’t expect much when she performed acupuncture for the first time on a dog with acute back pain. When she did, however, she found that the dog was able to move more easily and use its back legs more efficiently. She knew she was onto something and has never turned back in her holistic pursuits.

At NW Animal Hospital, dogs with issues like bad immune systems, chronic pain and arthritis are able to be treated by Williams about once a month for acupuncture. The treatment takes place in a small but comfortable room with low lighting, lots of treats and even dog-ears-only music—music that only dogs can hear because of its pitch and frequencies.

Williams describes how dogs come into her office almost excited about treatment because they know that they will feel much better afterwards.