Homegrown Lawn Guy

Dan Nelson brings a professional approach to his lawn and landscape company.

The employees at Nelson Lawn and Landscape aren’t your typical lawn guys, drifting around your yard in raggedy shorts and tees. Nelson crews sport clean dry-fit polo shirts, jeans, and sturdy work boots—in the office and as they expertly tend to land across the community. It’s a professional approach that Dan Nelson, founder of the homegrown Plymouth company, has had since he was mowing lawns at 13 and one he has deeply ingrained into his business.

“It’s not the hardest thing to cut the grass and make it look great, but providing a professional approach and access to someone who knows what they’re talking about is what really sets us apart,” Nelson says.

For example, Cal Ness, director of customer relations, doesn’t just answer phones; he provides advice. Director of operations Corey Gerdts works directly with crew leaders and makes sure that the company’s extensive army of equipment is up and running when and where it should be.

Nelson’s crews can be seen around the neighborhood and around the clock, improving the look of the community. They also provide commercial services, such as weekly turf maintenance, landscape development, maintenance requests, and snow removal. Their residential services include lawn care, clean up jobs, snow removal and landscape design, in which landscape division director Aaron Mehus works directly with clients every step of the way to ensure their vision flourishes.

Although there are many reasons why the company is a favorite go-to in Plymouth, that special touch and reliable communication probably had something to do with its recent “Best of Plymouth” win.