How Employees at One Local Company Are Handling Life Under COVID-19

A desk is set up with all of the necessary supplies for working from home.
The coronavirus crisis has forced employees at Studio M Interiors employees to work from home. Here's how they're handling the new normal.

By: Elizabeth Cohen

Coming from a fast-paced environment to working at home has required creative thinking. Some of the things that designers in our studio are doing are new to them, too. One of the plusses in this reality is the deeper connections that have come through for each of us—among workmates, family members, old friends and even with oneself.

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Here are a few of the things that we’re doing at home:

  • “We sat down as a family yesterday and made a daily chore schedule, which included cooking meals—as I was not prepared to feed three people three meals a day!”
  • “I repainted our guest bedroom and created a makeshift office with a desk, large table for drawings and a file cabinet. I wasn’t able to concentrate at the dining table. I found I needed a designated work space—away from the hustle and bustle—with everything I need close by.”
  • “As a family, we discussed physical health, mental health and fun. We decided we were going to take turns walking the dogs, participate in virtual yoga and allow each other alone time to maintain mental clarity. We plan to head to the cabin this weekend to read books, play cards, croquet and have a change of scenery.”
  • “[I’m] supporting my local yoga studio by taking virtual yoga classes in the morning. It helps give me my community while staying home. “
  • “Keep listening to your local radio morning show, which you would normally listen to when you are on your way to work. I have it on in the morning when getting ready and working from home.”
  • “[I’m] spring cleaning, supporting local small businesses and [doing] all the ‘at home’ projects—painting, refinishing, making quick fixes (new pillows, fresh coat of paint, cute rugs, etc.)—that I never had time for!”
  • “[I] meet a friend for a coffee—she stays in her car, and I stay in mine, but, hey, we’re together.”

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Elizabeth Cohen is a Plymouth Magazine Advisory Board member Elizabeth Cohen and general manager of Studio M Interiors. Stories come from her team members.