Indoor Activities for Winter Days

Too cold to go outside to play? Greenwood Elementary art teacher Elizabeth Joselyn offers these craft ideas.
Have fun making these polar bears and robots.

For an indoor art adventure, young kids can create paper polar bears. You’ll need paper plates, white paper, googly eyes, black Sharpie, and glue. Draw polar bear paws, face, and snout on the paper, cut them out, and glue them to a trimmed paper plate. To finish, attach googly eyes

For a more advanced project, create cloth bracelets from T-shirts. Take white T-shirts and cut 1 to 3 strips along the grain of the fabric. Stretch the strips out repeatedly until they roll up on themselves. Take multiple strips and tie, braid, or weave them together. You can dye them as well. Tie around the wrist to complete the bracelet.

Lastly, robot lab is a great project for all skill levels. You’ll need foiled cardstock or regular construction paper (for backgrounds), googly eyes, scissors, glue stick, school glue and a divided tray. Begin by cutting the pieces for the robots: squares, rectangles and circles in a variety of sizes. Cut tiny strips for antenna and tiny squares and circles for eyes, buttons or antenna boppers. Using a glue stick, use half and quarter sheets of construction paper to build the robots on.