Can we agree that we’ve all had to embrace the unexpected in 2020? But one thing remains the same—our readers sure do know how to pick the Best of 2020 in our readers’ poll!

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Have truer words ever been spoken about this temperamental season?

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of winter inside of 24 hours.” —Mark Twain

Due to the extenuating circumstances in our community during the creation of this issue, please note that some events/dates and even some business operations may have changed since these pages went to print.

If you’re craving comfort foods, we have lots to share with you in this issue. But don’t worry. We balanced our “nutritional” content with some good advice for living healthy!

We’re launching into December with a focus on giving back, health and wellness—what better ways to brighten the days of winter? 

Just in time for fall and cozying up indoors, we bring you stories about local artists, homes, entertaining and more.

Our Standout Students issue is always a readers’ favorite. We proudly introduce you to some of our up and coming leaders.