April 2015 Plymouth Magazine

In the April issue of Plymouth Magazine, learn how one girl is raising awareness for alopecia, find out where the artists behind Ross Lawton mixed media get their inspiration, and see one couple's yard after a beautiful transformation.

This playful little boy is a winner in his mommy’s eyes—and our Picture Plymouth photo contest.


Homer Simpson, the beloved schlub-next-door, once said, “You don’t win friends with salad,” and he has a point: a plate of flabby iceberg lettuce, hard orange tomatoes and dirty-looking carrot shreds is not going to unite folks in savory ecstasy.


The annual Providence Academy Parent Association Gala was held January 31 at the Golden Valley Golf and Country Club.


Experience “Postcards from Vacationland” at the Primavera Gallery: four days and nights of art, literature and musical talent hosted by the Plymouth Arts Council in collaboration with the city of Plymouth.


Seventy-two years ago, a group of Robbinsdale women took up First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory garden initiative by founding their own garden club.


There’s a saying that when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade.


MaryBeth Lawton and Sandy Ross met in a papermaking class at Minnetonka Center for the Arts in the mid-1990s.


You’ve probably encountered buckthorn, even if you don’t know it. It’s a fairly innocuous plant. It’s green most of the year, often has berries, and can grow up to 25 feet tall. For years, people planted buckthorn as hedges because it resists disease and has no natural enemies in our region.


Waking up to find patches of your hair falling out would be jarring to anybody. When the person experiencing hair loss is a fourth-grade girl, who would be completely bald by the time she entered fifth grade, it was traumatic and confusing.


Since 1991, the Families Moving Forward program—first an unofficial network of churches, and now part of the Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative—has been providing a safe place to stay for families experiencing homelessness. As part of a network of more than 60 host congregations, St.


Maple Grove High School senior and Plymouth resident Rory Calabria’s journey to Washington, D.C., began when his chemistry teacher recommended that he apply for the American Legion Boys State, a program that introduces high school juniors to legislative proceedings.


May is advanced placement test time for high school juniors and seniors, and the pressure is on. A culmination of difficult classes taken throughout the year, the exams offer college-bound students the opportunity to earn college credit for good scores.


As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it’s the right time of year to think about the other ways those rainy days can help us out.


Few athletes can say they’ve competed on the national stage. Soccer player Addison Clark has had the honor of competing with the top players in the nation on the U.S. Under-15 Girls’ National Soccer Team—and she’s only 14 years old.