January 2015

In the January issue of Plymouth Magazine you'll learn what it takes to train Plymouth's champion Nordic skiers and find 28 cures for cabin fever.

When it comes down to it, life is about savoring those moments we don’t always expect: Anzhela Sira knows this well—she actually takes most of her photos using her Samsung Galaxy phone, something she always has on hand. The use of a lens attachment ensures that the quality isn’t diminished.


Escape the January cold with the tropical taste of citrus. Warm fruity flavors enliven savory and sweet foods alike, and this is the time of year they’re in season.


This month’s cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t be active: Check out these five winter sports that embrace the unique challenges and conditions created by a Minnesota winter.


Sufferers of winter doldrums and cabin fever, rejoice: A cure for whatever ails your spirit this season lies in creating your own post-holiday sabbatical from your routines and ruts. Don’t limit yourself to just January, either.


Very few people know what it takes to compete at the highest level of any given thing. Certainly it’s a combination of commitment and passion, fortitude and hard work—sometimes with very little reward.


There is a little-known club that meets Thursdays at Plymouth Creek Center, and the people involved understand how lucky they are to participate in it.


Imagine: fine white sand spilling between your toes while the sun rises over clarion turquoise waters in 70-degree weather.


At one point or another, we've all been guilty of putting 'giving back' out of our minds until we hear the Salvation Army red-kettle bells ringing. Even though the holidays have passed, it’s not too late to give.


There's a sense of pride that comes with being a hardy Minnesotan, embracing the winter chill and getting outdoors this time of year. Increasingly, homeowners are taking this trend to a new level by designing their backyard hardscapes for year-round use, focusing on fire features.


Don’t forget to bring a little piece of Plymouth with you when you travel! Snap a shot of someone holding a copy of Plymouth Magazine for a future installment of Travel Log.


If you’re a homeowner looking for a contractor, you might consider My 3 Quotes. Founder and owner Ryan Carey opened his company last July on Fernbrook Lane to share three competing companies’ options for solving homeowners’ common problems, such as siding failures or leaky windows.


In his teenage years, when Don Anderson began to volunteer with individuals who had disabilities, he discovered a lifelong mission.


More than 350,000 Americans suffer sudden cardiac arrest annually; only 7 percent live to tell about it. Heart Safe Plymouth, launched in September 2012, is increasing that survival rate, one member at a time.


Hailey Vollbrecht’s go-to response to most questions is, “Why not?!” This was her first response when she was asked to join a sport in third grade.