March 2014

In this month's issue of Plymouth Magazine, you'll meet lifestyle blogger Landyn Hutchinson, who we're dubbing our very own Martha Stewart.  We've also recieved some tips from Minnesota's "whole" diet pro, and got the inside scoop on gorgeous house projects to get your home into the spirit of spring renewal. You won't want to miss it!

1. Mini maple bacon cupcakes: A perfectly bite-size maple cupcake coated with cream cheese frosting, drizzled with pure maple syrup and garnished with apple-smoked bacon.


Wayne Davis broke both of his wrists in a grisly snowmobiling accident in 1980. What happened next changed his life.


“Kindergarten is so full of firsts—the first time for hot lunch, the first time they get to read a book on their own, the first time they tie their shoes. I see them come in as little preschoolers, but they leave as first-graders.


“If you are going to give someone an opportunity to feel amazing in a month, they’re probably less likely to do that negative thing again to themselves. I don’t see it as a drawback, I see it as a choice.” —Dan Baruch, Life Time Fitness personal trainer and Paleo expert


No, it’s not just another obscure Jurassic Park mosquito-in-amber reference. The Schmidt family has lived on their Plymouth farmland since current resident Roger Schmidt’s great-grandfather Frederick Henry Benjamin Schmidt bought it for his son, Otto in 1883.


When Ruth and Jim Buezis moved to Minnesota from California in 1991, the engineer by training with a degree from California Polytechnic State University discovered she needed a toy box for her young daughters (now ages 17 through 23).


The journey from the Bass Lake Playfield rink to University of Minnesota’s Mariucci Arena has been winding and, at times, grueling, but as recent NHL draft pick Taylor Cammarata says, “There is still a long way to go.”

Gene Heezen carves from his home.

Retired longtime Plymouth resident Gene Heezen, 77, has been woodcarving for some 40 years. During this period, he has recreated more than 12 historic Plymouth buildings, including the Farmer’s Home Inn, Gilfillan Log Cabin and the Old Town Hall.


Nobody knows how to have a good time like the Irish do. Between the leprechauns with pots of gold and famous brews like Guinness and Jameson, they’ve got a lot going for them.


“It’s just very rare that there is this door open to having your name out there by winning a contest in an anonymous setting like that.” —Joe Hautman

After winters that seem to stay much longer than they are welcome, Minnesotans embrace spring like a long-lost friend.

As spring arrives, so does home-remodeling season. What better way to embrace the rising temps and sunny days than giving one of your favorite spaces a fresh coat of paint—or a fresh everything?