March 2015

In the March issue of Plymouth Magazine you'll find spring entertaining trends the experts at Mingle, learn how author Shelly Boyum-Breen and illustrator Marieka Heinlen are inspiring young readers, and find the best places around town to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

The second annual fundraiser last September at Wazata Country Club was a huge success. Residents participated to raise money in support of the Wazata Public Schools Foundation.


Spring is stirring as we awaken from our collective torpor. We are ready for action, and the timing is perfect for the rowdiest holiday of the year: St. Patrick’s Day. A fifth-century Christian missionary and patron saint of Ireland, St.


It was a snowy day last April when Allison Reck and her husband Matt brought home an adorable ball of golden fluff named Nala. At 8 weeks old, she immediately took to her new Plymouth home.


For the Past two decades, the Wayzata Community Church has been the performance venue of choice for many local and regional musical groups. “Simply put, it’s a beautiful place to hear and see concerts,” says Tom Paulson, director of music.


When Nick Mortenson started his construction company right out of high school in 1999, he could not have predicted his future wife would also be his business partner.


Spring serves up a menu of some of nature’s best offerings. The season reawakens a love for all things fresh and effortless. Longer, brighter days shed new light on home entertaining.


For most volunteers, passion for what they do lives deep in their souls. No one knows this better than the volunteers at French Regional Park in the Three Rivers Park District.


Imagine exploring the streets of Shanghai, stopping to buy soup and dumplings from a roadside stand one day, and, weeks later, camping out on a sheet of ice, surrounded by penguins in Antarctica.


NCAA March Madness is here. While watching these athletes compete at such a high level, it’s easy to forget that they were all once kids with big dreams playing pick-up ball at the park.


“It can be hard to know what teens are into,” says Jessie Koch, advisor to Plymouth’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG). The group works to solve that disconnect between young adults and their community by acting as a focus group.


On St. Patrick’s Day, stop by Lucky’s 13 Pub for a festive beverage. Sample green beer or an Irish Tea, a decidedly Eire-inspired take on Long Island Iced Tea.


Brides-to-be, and many grooms, are lining up for the biannual Wedding Expo at Plymouth Creek Center.


Don’t forget to bring a little piece of Plymouth with you when you travel! Snap a shot of someone holding a copy of Plymouth Magazine for a future installment of Travel Log.


March marks the beginning of Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners’ Prevent Hunger campaign, which addresses immediate hunger in our community and develop long-term solutions for families in need.


Amid the blustery winds, the sound of bluegrass can be faintly heard in Plymouth this month. You’re not dreaming; it’s the annual Winter Bluegrass Weekend.