May 2015 Plymouth Magazine

In the May issue, meet a Plymouth resident who has been singing for two decades, learn how to plant the perfect butterfly garden and find the best spot for brunch.

Heidi Eitreim was heading out the back door of her home when this breath-taking scene caught her eye.


Breakfast is almost a dirty word these days; we’re so hounded about “the most important meal of the day” that it feels like a chore. Brunch, on the other hand, is breakfast’s glamorous cousin: the popular kid in school, the one people clamor to devour.


It's been 29 years since Cindi Scheffler won the Minnesota State Fair talent show that launched her singing career. Since then, her voice has been heard in some of the most upscale restaurants in the Twin Cities, including Yvette’s, Sophia’s, and the Dakota.


Like the monarch butterfly, which migrates from places such as Minnesota to Mexico, Gloria Rice’s interest in butterflies originated with a move. Her journey wasn’t traversing the continent, however; she simply moved from a townhouse to a home with a yard in Plymouth back in 1997.


It’s about this time of year that the warm sun is truly here to stay and we can officially call it spring.


Andrew Tang started playing chess when he was 4 years old. While other kids were building castles out of blocks, he was learning the strategy of knights, bishops and kings.


We asked the managers of Dundee Garden Center and Bachman’s to share their best tips for starting the growing season off right. Here’s what they had to say.


The Plymouth Ice Center is taking to dry land. Last December, the skating and hockey facility opened a sparkling 7,500-square-foot space that focuses on training off the ice.


During the annual Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners’ 2014 Sleep Out event, community members spent the night in cardboard shelters, slept in their cars, had 24-hour bonfires, walkathons, culinary showcases and more.


Olivia, 10, and Kendra Carey, 9, of Hanover, Minn., soak up the warm sunshine on Maunalua Bay Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Two years ago, Preceptis Medical, a Plymouth-based company that manufactures surgical tools to allow ear-tube procedures to be performed without anesthesia and with reduced pain and surgical time, was the winning entrepreneur at the


Five years ago when longtime Plymouth resident Jill Goldstein brought home her newly adopted and previously abused dog, Oliver, she didn’t just make a difference in Oliver’s life.


With prom and graduation just around the corner, it can be easy for your teen to get swept up in the “you only live once” excitement that floats through the hallways. As your family approaches these special once-in-a-lifetime milestone events, however, it’s important to keep safety in mind.