September 2015 Plymouth Magazine

In the September issue we'll show you five ways to prepare fall's favorite fruit, suggest workouts to improve mental health and introduce you to Plymouth's table tennis champion.

Nature paints the perfect backdrop for this award-winning photo.
Plymouth dishes that are nutritious, delicious and chock-full of nuts.
A great turn-out for the biennial gala.
Find local examples of fall’s favorite fruit prepared creatively.
Whether you’re attending or are the bride to be, Plymouth experts weigh in on what’s haute in wedding style this season.
Whether it’s a new build or a complete remodel, many baby boomers are in the market for a refreshed space.
New scientific research credits resistance training with improved cognitive function.
Plymouth style mavens share some tips for new parents.
Send your guesses to Plymouth Magazine.
Lunds and Byerly’s offers an organic alternative to hormone-laden poultry.
Celebrating the 38-year career of assistant fire chief Rick Luth.
Macartan Commers calls ping pong his high school sport.