September 2015 Plymouth Magazine

In the September issue we'll show you five ways to prepare fall's favorite fruit, suggest workouts to improve mental health and introduce you to Plymouth's table tennis champion.

While Jess Donatelle and her husband, Jake, moved to Plymouth just two years ago, the Norwex consultant already recognizes Plymouth’s unspoken beauty—it’s safe, clean and has lots of green space and trails, she says.


Food trends come and go, each wave depositing fresh knowledge and innovation. Right now our food-scape is booming with low-carb, gluten-free and Paleo revelations; we have new ingredients to play with and new ways to play with old ingredients.


Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners biennial gala grossed more than $380,000. Around 450 people were in attendance. The funds raised from Spread Your Wings will be used to support the IOCP Strengthening Programs.


Wedding season: It’s not just summer anymore. June brides have been replaced with October couples. “Autumn is so much busier for me now than it was 10 years ago,” says Greg Gittsovich, wedding photographer and owner of Accent Photography in Plymouth.


Dan Vanderheyden knows that downsizing doesn’t have to be a dirty word. After raising three children in Plymouth, he and his wife Julie decided to start fresh. Their goal was to create a beautiful, smaller space that fit their needs.


I’m an old physical therapist. Let me rephrase that: I’m a former physical therapist, and although I’m not old (58), gravity is taking its toll. X-rays show yet another droop (added to all the droops I can see with the naked eye).


Plymouth residents and diehard fire department volunteers Steve and Joni Marti would say it themselves: The first couple of years of the Plymouth Firefighter 5K were less than glamorous.


When given the opportunity to nearly double a child’s likelihood of going to college, most of us would say we’d take it. But what if, in doing so, you ended up feeling you were the one who received the greater gift? It’s all possible with a program called Kinship.


On May 29, at about 8:30 p.m., the city of Plymouth’s recreation supervisor Jessie Koch and her husband Herb welcomed Harper Rae Koch into the world, safe and healthy at 7 lbs. 12 oz. The following weeks were a whirlwind of new parent firsts: diapers, baths, late-night feedings.


Do you know where this photo was taken? The answer will be revealed on the Editor’s Note page of our October issue. Those of you who email [email protected] with the correct response will get a mention in an upcoming issue.


Plymouth hens are humming: Lunds and Byerly’s in Plymouth has a new organic chicken vendor in the popular Hip Chick Farms line of frozen poultry products.


Those in their 50s, 60s and 70s might think that writing a whole new life script can seem daunting, but therapist and life coach Sue Gallucci disagrees. “It’s one of the best times of your life,” she says of retirement.

Here are her tips for infusing energy into the golden years:


After 38 years serving at the Plymouth Fire Department, assistant fire chief Rick Luth retired this past spring. It’s a well-deserved respite from years of climbing the ranks at the station—from paid on-call firefighter to station captain to his eventual position assisting fire chief Rick Kline.


For most of us, table tennis—also known as ping pong—is a Forrest Gump reference or a game we played in a friend’s basement when we were younger. Plymouth’s Macartan Commers, a senior at Benilde- St. Margaret’s, calls it his high school sport.