Keeping Your Healthy Resolution

Set goals, keep it fun and make new friends.

It’s the new year, and you may be deciding that now is the right time to get healthy. We checked in with Sean Gleeson, a trainer at Lagree MSP in Plymouth, about starting a workout routine and developing strategies to keep it up.

The first step is to forget the pressure of a New Year’s resolution. “I don’t even like talking in those terms,” says Gleeson. It’s about becoming healthy and making a lifestyle change, not keeping to a resolution. Develop a vision for how you want your body to be, he says. This may be a weight you want to hit or a piece of clothing you want to wear. Just make sure your end goal is defined.

Next, have fun. A great way to do this is to work out with friends or find a group. “Half of what makes working out worthwhile is the community. Working out can be painful, and being stressed about it will only hold you back,” says Gleeson.

Finally, reward yourself along the way. Defining smaller goals helps to track your progress. “Your vision is what you keep reminding yourself of,” says Gleeson, “so be sure to work towards that vision when you are discouraged or stressed.”