Kick Off the New Year with a Life Time Fitness Class

Aimee Nicotera teaches the Spartan Strong Class at Life Time Fitness.

Daunting as the name of this new offering might sound, the Spartan Strong class, a partnership between Spartan and Life Time, focuses more on the spirit of its athletic inspiration—Spartan’s reputed obstacle race events than a mere replication of all the hurdles.

“We want to train people to be Spartans, not just physically, but also in terms of their values,” says Jessica Feldman, a Spartan Strong master trainer, about the class that recently launched at the Life Time in Plymouth.

An hour-long intense journey, the class is divided into five phases that characterize a Spartan: readiness, stamina, accountability, tenacity and resilience. Each phase trains a particular set of life skills besides offering vigorous physical exercises.

“For example, in the readiness phase participants [might be] asked to break out of their comfort zones and high-five each other,” Feldman says, “and this means that they have to embrace change and be more confident.” In the accountability section, collaboration is required to conquer the fitness challenges.

Feldman says her favorite part of the class is how Spartan Strong completely disrupts the general idea of studio fitness where the entire emphasis seems to be laid upon individuals’ physical improvements. “In Spartan Strong, through fitness you also build a community,” she says.

Since its initial launch, the class has been receiving enthusiastic approval. Members from 12 to 70 years old have taken part. At the end of the class, some even wish they could do an actual race.

“People choose a training model that is challenging, but also fits them,” Feldman says. “The most important part is pushing yourself so that you can walk out stronger than you were.”