‘The Lager Queen of Minnesota’ is a Love Story to Minnesota and Craft Beer

by | Aug 2020

A glass of beer sits next to a copy of "The Lager Queen of Minnesota"


Have you met the lager queen of Minnesota?

In J. Ryan Stradel’s The Lager Queen of Minnesota, Edith and Helen Calder are sisters, reared in the middle of the 20th century. Helen absconds with Edith’s share of the family farm inheritance to follow her passion of becoming a brew master.

Edith wonders how her life might have been different if she had her share of the money. Instead, she works in a nursing home for 37 years. The sisters lose track of one another, but Edith’s granddaughter is drawn by fate into the brewing business, keeping a possible reunion alive.

This novel is a love story to Minnesota, craft beer and the power of second chances.


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