Life Time Fitness’s Indoor Triathlon

Life Time offers a unique way to try a tri.
Ashley Hall, Tiffany Berenberg and Patty Knudson at Plymouth's Life Time Fitness.

Remember last January 1 when you made that crazy New Year’s Resolution to try a triathlon in 2013? Well, time’s almost up, but don’t fear! Life Time Fitness has devised the most accessible triathlon imaginable with its series of Indoor Triathlons, the second of which is hosted right here in Plymouth on November 3; varying time slots are still available.

The most dedicated of athletes have been utilizing Life Time’s training calendars throughout the past month or so for optimal performance in the indoor pool, spin bike and treadmill run “course,” but anyone in moderately good aerobic shape can register by logging on to; cost is $25 for members, $30 for nonmembers (nonmembers need to visit the club in person to register). Open to ages 12 and older. 3600 Plymouth Blvd.; 763.509.0909


Sign up, and this is how your time will be spent:
10 min pool swim
10 min transition
30 min spin bike
5 min transition
20 min treadmill run