April 2013

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Money management has become the hot topic during this country’s worst recession in history. Bruce Helmer, author of Real Wealth, believes the secret to financial mastery is personal—what matters most to you.


Growing up in the 1950’s, Jim Eason didn’t get many chances to get his mitts on a camera. His mother was the family photographer and even she only documented “special” occasions. “I was curious, but in my family, cameras were not for kids,” Eason says.


Ladies and gentlemen of Plymouth, step up to the annual Step To It Challenge. This fun four-week fitness competition pits Plymouth residents against those of 20-plus suburbs in lighthearted fitness fun.


Have you ever received an elbow to the face while playing a pick-up game of basketball? How about a finger to the eye? Sports eye injuries are more common than most people realize.


Owning lakefront property can be a dream come true—until you notice your shoreline being swallowed up by the lake through erosion. Such damage can leave homeowners wondering to what to do.


Music is a vocation for David Elmhirst. He is band director at Wayzata High School. He enjoys his students and the academic setting. But much of his work involves organization, lesson plans and grading.

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Cleanse your body with these five tips on leading a healthier lifestyle:


It’s told that a garden gnome hides in plain sight, disguised as ordinary statuary. Some would say they avoid combat, gravitating toward a prankster demeanor while others would argue that gnomes will defend their gardener with unseen ferocity.


Jeff and Toni Fluke, owners of Great Harvest Bread Company in Maple Grove, share why they have worked and lived in Plymouth for more than 30 years.

When did you first start baking bread?


Dulcie Searle, an accomplished dancer of eight years, got into Irish dance at a very young age. After some experience with tap at just 3 years old, she saw some Irish dance and thought it looked like fun. After Celtic Fire closed, Searle moved on to Rince Nua in Maple Grove.


The word fruit comes from the Latin fructus meaning enjoyment. Fruit has long been associated with pleasure, all the way back to the irresistible apple in the Garden of Eden.


They grow up so fast, don’t they? Even though you probably still imagine them as that adorable 4-year-old pedaling down the driveway on their bicycle, they have to leave the nest at some point.


It’s hard to find a spot more serene than a perfectly planted garden. Even better is a garden complete with a babbling brook, koi pond or fountain.


When it came time to plan her daughter’s graduation party, Gayle Crummer knew throwing burgers and brats on the grill for a Saturday afternoon open house just wouldn’t do.