August 2012

Prep Elite 2012 | Education

Tiger Athletics has brought the fundamentals of fitness to Plymouth, emphasis on the fun.


As you prepare for the upcoming school year and winter season by combing through your closets, you’re likely finding things you no longer have a use for. Not to sound cliché, but one person’s trash truly is another’s treasure, so why not donate those two-sizes-too-small items?


When you move from Plymouth to Australia for three years, why not learn a new craft while you’re away, then bring it home to regularly place in your favorite city’s annual photo contest?


Kids are picky eaters; this is not big news. Have you ever acquiesced to eat a meal at your less-than-favorite eatery in order to please discerning young taste buds? Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair, but unfortunately the entreaty to “try just one bite” is not a universally successful tactic.


“If I can do it, anybody can do it.”  That’s the message Plymouth resident Cathy Schmidt would like to share with any woman thinking about participating in Women Run the Cities next month at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.


It’s the team-first attitude on the Wayzata Girls Fifth Grade 6A travel basketball team that assistant coach Rob Robertson believes is responsible for the team’s back-to-back state championship wins, a feat that no other Wayzata Girls Basketball


Every August, eight to 12 high school seniors from distant countries that include Germany, Japan, Korea, Paraguay, Bangladesh, Denmark and Finland fill their suitcases, say goodbye to their families, pack up their hopes and dreams, and board planes headed for Minnesota to be a part of the Interna


When Sammie Fritz hopped on a horse for the first time at the tender age of 7, she admits she was a bit unsure of it all.

“I was kind of scared,” she says with a giggle. “The horse was so big.”


A mixture of ballet, tap-dancing and clog elements is how Katie Stephens Spangler, director and owner of Rince na Chroi (pronounced rink-a na cree), describes what Plymouth residents should expect August 9, when the traditional Irish dance


During a recent three-day adult workshop on leather and knotting at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts in Wayzata, beginning student Jane Donovan was trying to problem-solve a snafu in the carefully woven length of the choker-style necklace she was making.


One program, 25 members, four schools. Fast forward nearly 10 years and the makeup of Minnesota Reading Corps (MRC) is completely different than when it first began.


It’s about that time of year again, when kids mingle at bus stops with backpacks in tow and freshly sharpened pencils are stocked and standing by. The anticipation in the air signals only one thing: Another school year is about to begin.


This year’s prep elite have got it all, and thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter, everybody knows it. Here’s a peek, instant update-style, into their busy schedules and just what a typical day in the life of three elite high school students entails.