December 2012

Baking Up Memories|Year In Review

When the bitter cold days of winter give way to weather that's pleasantly brisk, it's the perfect opportunity to take a stroll. But don't forget a camera to capture the striking sights. That’s just what happened for Liz Ansley, local photographer extraordinaire.


Spend this New Year’s Eve with your family at the annual event co-sponsored by the Plymouth Parks and Recreation Department and Life Time Fitness.


Trains are emblematic of myriad lovely things, including romance, nostalgia, tradition and discovery. Kids and adults alike are thrilled by Harry Potter’s magical train to Hogwart’s school and during the holiday season, it’s wonderful to imagine a train filled with brightly wrapped presents.


New Year’s Eve is one of the more daunting holidays of the year. Going out can be crowded, expensive and disappointing.


Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer? The answer is literally beneath your nose.


Eyelash extensions just got easier. GLOW, the company that brings beauty to your door with at-home spray tanning, has now added an eyelash component to their menu of services.


The Permanent Markers are making a name for themselves. The fifth graders that make up Oakwood Elementary School’s Destination Imagination (DI) team caught a taste for winning when they received fourth place at the 2011 DI International Competition.


Midwesterners are crazy about hotdish. Like lutefisk, Jell-O salad or bars, hotdish is one of those ubiquitous menu items abounding in church basements and cozy kitchens across Minnesota.



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If asked to summarize your happy holiday memories with a list of words, the list might likely include things like tree, lights, presents, bows, sharing, giving, family, food… and cookies! Who doesn’t anticipate sampling all those decorative, tasty cookies at Christmastime?


The figures on the ice rink speed by in shapely ovals, sending their long skates gliding.  This swift show of grace happens twice a week in our backyard, in the form of the Plymouth Wayzata Speedskating (PWSS) group.