July 2012

Best of 2012

Ethan Roberts attended Music in Plymouth last year excited for the Fourth of July-inspired fireworks; he came away with a fiery image of his own. “I was really impressed by the tremendous skill of the fire jugglers and the obvious risks they take to entertain the crowd,” he says.


There’s no place like home—or, for the purposes of the Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre, there’s no place like the stage at the Hilde Performance Center.


Watching Chip Williams and Joni Sutton nestled away in Plymouth, dirnking coffee and listening to music, you might not realize they are incredibly busy retirees coordinating the upcoming Minnesota Ambassadors of Music trip to Europe, departing this year July 6.


For the parents among us, there’s perhaps no more paralyzing a fear than the thought of losing a child, and yet this sort of agony is experienced silently and often in our bustling community. The need to grieve was what inspired Plymouth residents Deb Oppel and Renee Wixon to act.


Calling all shutterbugs! Grab your cameras, because our search for the best local photos is about to begin. Between August 1 and 31, aspiring photographers can submit up to three photos of local attractions, animals and more on our website.


More than 200 acres of land including the former Hampton Hills Golf Course is transforming into the new Hampton Hills neighborhood.


Curious how Plymouth’s movies in the park are chosen? Travis Karlen, recreation supervisor at the city of Plymouth, says he looks at a list of available movies and then each employee from the parks and recreation department votes on their favorite.


The average Minnesotan palate might be notoriously wimpy, but local eateries betray our tame reputation with an inspiring array of spice and heat. From chilies to wasabi, there are countless ways to kick it up a notch. Here are a few of our favorites.


July brings a variety of musicians to Plymouth, but we would like to call your attention to the young and talented Trent Romens performing at 7 p.m. July 9.


Marlys Anderson was an independent woman who worked a full-time job and had a husband and two children, but she was mortified that strangers might consider her under the influence in public.


Landscaping is like fashion, coloring our lives and trendy season to season. Here are a few tips, tricks and trends to dress up your yard this year, followed by the must-have lawn accessories that make each lawnscape one-of-a-kind.


Moving the Indoors Out


Before we spent our days addicted to what was happening on various social media sites, we relied on our inner circles to tell us about the “can’t miss” spots around town.