July 2013

150 Perfect Pieces of Plymouth | Paul is Plymouth

Peg Brantman, a.k.a. “The Card Lady” at the  local Walgreens stores, has long had an artsy bent. She snapped her first photo on a little Brownie Starflash while in 4-H, “a long time ago,” she says.


Antiques, collectibles, crafts, plants and many one-of-a-kind treasures await at the Hamel Lions Flea Market, one of the largest outdoor markets in Hennepin County. Medina Entertainment Center parking lot.


Amy and Charles Roberts have played the field—in looking at homes, that is. With three boys, their family was growing out of the current space, a brick rambler. They loved the location of their house, with its proximity to downtown.


Ask her how things in the college sweater business are going, and Kristin Williams will tell you that things are crazy. This is not a bad thing for the owner of Varsity Sports Apparel Inc. (VSA).


Good deeds don’t have to peak at holding the door or offering lunch to a friend. You can learn how to save a life and it’s easier than you might think. The Rotary Club of Plymouth is partnering with Allina Hospitals and Clinics to start a new project entitled Heart Safe Plymouth.


About eight years ago, during the heart of the housing boom, remodeling wasn’t as common as new construction—with the exception of elaborate, sometimes cavernous wine caves. Then the economy sunk, and reconstruction became fashionable.


This Morning Sam Went to Mars by Nancy Carlson Free Spirit Publishing, 2013   Beloved Minnesota author Nancy Carlson has completed her most recent book for children, This Morning Sam Went to Mars.


Primrose Summer Camp Sporting weekly themes such as Animal Safari and Medieval Times, this camp keeps kids busy from drop-off to pick-up.


Bread Fresh Country Hearth and Village baked goods are being gobbled up at fantastic bargains at Country Hearth Bakery Outlet. Deals range from 50 to 75 percent off, depending on the item. Among the offerings are fresh bread (made offsite in St.


Not too big and not too small, sliders are the perfect nosh for game day, a casual night out on the town or perhaps even an alternative to the kids’ meal. And these days, the bite-size sandwiches run the gamut when it comes to ingredients and flavors.


A Vikings fan just like his dad, Plymouth resident Paul Charchian always has been interested in football—though he only made it as far as backyard ball with his friends. Still, Charchian hosted his first fantasy draft in 1980 in the Eden Prairie Central Middle School cafeteria.