June 2012

Back to School Preview | Helping Pups

A word to the camera-wise: Carry your camera with you always. It’s longtime hobby photographer Karen Callahan’s one tip to success.


The steak dinner is a hallmark of the special occasion, both an indulgence of appetite and of pocketbook. But there’s no longer any reason to justify steak consumption. Steak comes in many forms at all times of the day: with breakfast, at lunch, in a sandwich, even for happy hour.


Growing up on a dairy farm in the 1940s couldn’t have been easy, but 76-year-old Betty Jacobson sure makes it seem that way. “Things were pretty quiet,” she says, with a faint chuckle in her voice.


Terry Savoie jokes that other than working as a restaurant dishwasher for a month when he was 20 years old, his only experience in the food industry is “my eating background.”


A Big Little Life: A memoir of a joyful dog named Trixie

By Dean Koontz

Having long been known as a mastermind of thrillers and mysteries, Dean Koontz recently embarked on a new nonfiction memoir—one that profiles his deep affection and love for dogs.


Home alone and unable to reach a phone, Plymouth resident Frank Kuhar says there have been two instances plus other close calls in which he laid on his bedroom floor for four hours before a family member came home and helped him.


Before you spend the night sitting under the stars, serenaded by the Minnesota Orchestra at the 40th annual Music in Plymouth, celebrate our fabulous city at the annual Summer Carnival.


We’re seeing red—and yellow, orange, blue and green in a variety of vibrant shades.


Arlis Werley is such a devoted "pet parent" that even before she and her husband brought a dog into their family, they paid a visit to PupTown, a new boarding and grooming facility in Medina. "In the past, we had had two cocker spaniels, but had gone for eight months without a dog.


It’s no secret that back-to-school shopping will be making an appearance on countless to-do lists in the next couple of months. For some, it’s an annual ritual almost as a trip. For most, it’s yet one more chore during an already chaotic summer.


Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

(My wagging tail shows I love car rides. Where are we going?)


 (Stop! There’s a squirrel!)

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff.

(I smell kibble. Gimme! Gimme!)