March 2012

Desserts | Homes

Two products from Plymouth’s McNaughton Inc., The Buckle Guard Pro and The Easy Stroll, are going up against over 4,000 other products in Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s nationwide Get on the Shelf competition.


Nothing says spring quite like bright floral colors and gardens, and two annual Plymouth events boast them both. The artsy Primavera (Spanish for spring) takes place April 12–16 this year, while the city’s Yard & Garden Expo will simultaneously be held at the fieldhouse April 13–14.


Perhaps it was Danny Dobrin’s eight years as an advertising copywriter that spawned award-worthy creativity. More likely, he says, it was his children (Hailey, 5, and Nyla, 1), who continue to be his daily inspiration.


Eggs might be a staple at breakfast time, but in fact there’s no time of day that doesn’t feel right for them. Egg sandwiches at midday, eggs for a late-night breakfast, any of it will do for one of the most versatile foods.


Cajun Prime Rib Hash


Is there anything more basic or essential to life than a healthy meal?


Are you tired of that kitchen countertop that has seen better days, the cupboards that could be in the running for inclusion into the Smithsonian, or that stove with its one working burner?


When Interfaith Outreach (IOCP) opened doors near county roads 101 and 6, it introduced a new program: ReSale 101.



Babies love cuddling with stuffed bunnies ($48 large, $15.95 small), while kids 3 and older might enjoy finding a sandbox, available in a girl and boy style, in (or rather near) their basket ($29.95). For teens, consider a colorful iPhone cover ($11.95).



Terri Larson chuckles as she recalls the moment 15 years ago when she decided she had to push forward with a business idea that had been simmering in her mind for a few years.


Plymouth’s cream is about to rise to the top at The Plymouth Creek Center, begging one question: Do you got talent?


Golf & Outdoors Camp


When you think of branching out into less-familiar cuisine, you might envision a visit to East Lake Street in Minneapolis or the Frogtown neighborhood along University Avenue in St. Paul.


As a producer, cameramen, assistants and a sound guy mill around the Plymouth set of an upcoming Bath Crashers episode, star Matt Muenster is looking out for his Plymouth contractor.

“Can somebody get that big chunk of sheetrock dust out of Ryan’s hair?” Muenster asks.


Chocolate, yum. Lush raspberries, delicious. Rich sweet cream: Hungry yet? This month Plymouth Magazine partnered with four Plymouth restaurants to create eight delectable dessert drinks just for you.