October 2013

In the October 2013 Plymouth Magazine you'll read about the versatility and popularity of modern wigs, the upcoming celebration of Diwali, and Plymouth's recent buiding growth spurt. You'll also have a chance to read about local businesses focused on giving back, a few ways to spruce up your space, and some unique dishes from Plymouth eateries!

You’re getting ready for a night on the town, and that one chunk of hair just won’t obey the flat-iron tonight.


Peg Brantman is becoming an old pro at picturing Plymouth; her first-place image, Victory Tunnel, graced our July 2013 back page. But this one, which earned her a second-place nod in the Landmarks category, is poignant for its reflection of historic St.


Safety comes first at the Plymouth Fire Department, but the crews there always make room for a little bit of fun, too.


The time of year has come for the young (and some young at heart) to dress up as their favorite superheroes or princesses, and attend some enjoyable party with candy abounding.


For the last five months, Hannah Carlson has been traveling the country promoting the Oscar Meyer brand as a “hotdogger,” a prestigious post-college job that only 12 out of 1,000 applicants earn each year.


This year, Amy’s Blend is back at all Plymouth Caribou Coffee locations September 28 through October 31. The specialty coffee was first created 18 years ago and named for a Caribou employee who was struggling with cancer.


Before or after a long, stressful day, a massage can do wonders for relaxing tight muscles. But scheduling several massage appointments adds up quickly, in terms of money and time.


Service options for a revitalizing day at the spa just doubled, thanks to last year’s opening of Metro Life Medspa in the heart of Plymouth.


Growing up in a small town can pose many challenges, but for Jason Link, life in Milan, Minn. showed him what a model community should look like.“I learned that the residents of the town make the town,” Link says.


After having a child and exploring daycare options, Plymouth resident Alise McGregor saw the need for a more challenging, holistic childcare center and took matters into her own hands by creating Lil Newton’s Nest (LNN) in 2009.With an emphasis on a global curriculum (children are exposed to and


We all have our own aversions to certain foods. Maybe you’re not a mushroom lover or find yourself a little wary of anything that claims to be seafood.


World-renowned Indian musician and Plymouth resident Nirmala Rajasekar speaks highly of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, which she celebrates every year with her friend and fellow Plymouth resident, Leela Venkataramanan, who throws a much-anticipated party for 40-odd guests.Rajasekar hails


Traveling through Plymouth, they’re hard to miss: lots of new houses, full of that fresh sawdust smell—and the optimism of a growing community.