September 2012

Fashion Forward | Top Docs

Susan Dyrud Macdonald has been taking photos since she was young. “My father was interested in photography, and he shared that interest with me,” she says. “It has been my most favorite hobby for a long time.”


For those thirsting for a good time and a good cause, the Plymouth Civic League—host of Music in Plymouth—will hold its third annual Wine Tasting event October 4 at Plymouth Creek Center.


Watch out, Blake Lively. There is a Plymouth fashionista following closely on your Gossip Girls heels. Caitlin Ellsworth, 18, recently tied for first place in the Sweety High: Be A Star on the Runway competition for girls ages 8–18.


Did you know women shouldn’t eat tuna sushi more than once every two weeks? That frozen dinners can adversely affect your blood pressure? Or that a chiropractic adjustment could lesson monthly cramping? Most women want to live healthy lives—but do they know how?


If you thought Plymouth was free of zombies, ghosts and other haunting creatures, think again.


Plymouth was named the No. 1 Place to Live nationally in 2008 by Money Magazine, and it continues to rank high among cities of comparable size.


It all started with a simple question: “Would you like to come for a firefighter ride-along?” Hoping to impress my 3-year-old nephew Micah, I accepted Plymouth firefighter Steve Marti’s invitation to spend a 3–6 p.m. shift with the “duty crew” at Fire Station 2.


For the past six years, 87-year-old Plymouth resident Andy Anderson says he has witnessed firsthand all that teachers do for children as a volunteer at Sunset Hill Elementary.


Mid- to high-end home furnishing design studio Mingle recently closed its Eden Prairie location to open a 20,000-square-foot showroom in Plymouth—we’re talking cabinets, drapery, flooring and everything in between located in a homey boutique


Is your child’s backpack overweight? Improper weight and carrying can cause excessive wear and tear on your child’s spine, which not only causes pain, but could lead to permanent spinal column damage; the numbers tell the tale. If a student lifts a 12 lb. backpack 10 times a day, that’s 120 lbs.


After participating in the St. Bonifacious Fire Department’s 5K, Plymouth firefighter and avid runner, Steve Marti and his race-savvy wife, Joni, created the Plymouth Firefighters 5K.


Check for wasp nests. Look around your home and nearby structures for nests, as risk of getting stung increases the more activity there is around a nest.



Until 30-year-old Plymouth native RC Johnson “starts getting beat,” he isn’t going to quit wrestling


For book aficionados, sharing the love of reading comes second nature. How often do you recommend some of your favorite “reads” to your friends and family—passing books along, hoping others enjoy a certain tome as much as you did?