Max Foster’s Award-winning Photo of Mount Olivet Church

Faultless lighting and extraordinary architecture make for a can’t-miss photo.
Max Foster's photo of Mount Olivet Church.

Local church. Inspiring architecture. Ideal lighting. After several visits to Plymouth’s Mount Olivet Church last summer, and just-not-right photo opportunities, Max Foster captured a scene that checked all his photo-quality boxes.

“I’ve always been interested in architecture and photography,” Foster says. “I was looking for a church in Plymouth that struck my interest.”

Set in the foreground of a whispering blue and wispy clouded sky, the chapel and its commemorative headstones make a statement. Not only did the lighting present a challenge for Foster, but the setting did as well. He hoped to find a viewpoint of the church without obstructions. He succeeded—the church appears almost abandoned.
Foster lives near Mount Olivet, which provided an easy escape that summer afternoon.

“I was waiting for the sky to be right, I noticed the sky was pretty interesting that day and drove over,” he says.

Foster purchased his trusty Nikon D600 just over a year ago. After traveling often and noticing his low-quality pictures, he struck up the hobby. One summer afternoon, Foster’s checklist and patience resulted in a captivating and rare moment in time.

This photo placed first overall in Plymouth Magazine’s 2013 Focus on Plymouth photo contest. It also placed first in the city landmarks category.