Nate Loftsgard’s Award-winning Photo Stretch

Nate Loftsgard’s photo captures the end of a long winter’s nap.
Nate Loftsgard’s photo, Stretch, received an honorable mention in Picture Plymouth’s 2014 nature category.

A sleeping fox atop a snowy woodpile would be picturesque enough—but after Plymouth resident Nate Loftsgard snapped more than 50 pictures of the scene in his backyard, this particular fox stood, did a few stretches and took the photo to the next level. “I was in the right place at the right time,” Loftsgard says. “It was one of those rare things you don’t see very often, but it was fun to have it right there in our backyard.”

Loftsgard considers his photography more hobby than anything else. He’s a software engineer by trade and grabs his Canon T3i whenever he can, gravitating toward nature photography and its diverse beauty. “[This photo] kind of inspired me to think about other times or places to take some shots around Plymouth,” Loftsgard says.

The photo is “raw” and true to what he saw with his own eyes, with no extra touches from photo editing software.

“I like that [photography] is kind of a combination of art and science,” he says. “The science part being that you can dial in your setting and be specific in how you approach it, but at the same time, a picture is a piece of artwork.”