New Year’s Resolutions from Darsi and John Beasley and Dr. Jeffrey Wock

Local Life coaches Darsi and John Beasley and Lake West Chiropractic’s Jeffrey Wock have considerable experience helping patients and clients achieve their goals.

Plymouth Magazine: What’s the secret to making a good New Year’s Resolution?
The Beasleys: Be specific: Vague goals lead to vague plans, then they disappear. Identify a source of dissatisfaction with the state of your life. Evaluate why you are dissatisfied, then visualize where you’d like to be instead. Make a plan to get to the state you visualized. This plan must be realistic, specific and measureable. 

Dr. Wock: Any resolution should help the individual create a healthy lifestyle habit that becomes part of an everyday routine. Start by making small changes over time; too much change all at once can be overwhelming. Try planning a calendar and penciling in when to make changes. Three changes at a time are usually doable. Figure out what changes are right for you; avoid “trendy” goals. 

PM: How do you make sure you stick to a New Year’s Resolution?
The Beasleys: Persistent action is the only way to achieve goals. Expect, predict and plan for obstacles before you encounter them. It never hurts to have a friend or coach around to encourage you!

Dr. Wock: Create variation. Mixing things up will keep both your mind and body interested, maximizing your results. Embrace the time of year, get ideas from friends or trainers, cook with in-season foods.  Having someone to keep you accountable will also help you stay on track. A really good trainer will help you understand your goals and how to achieve them.