Five children play in a pile of leaves in this Picture Plymouth photo contest winner.

Plymouth Magazine’s former editors Anna Nguyen took this photo, which took first place in the People & Families category of 2018’s “Picture Plymouth” photo contest.

Wayne Davis broke both of his wrists in a grisly snowmobiling accident in 1980. What happened next changed his life.

No, it’s not just another obscure Jurassic Park mosquito-in-amber reference. The Schmidt family has lived on their Plymouth farmland since current resident Roger Schmidt’s great-grandfather Frederick Henry Benjamin Schmidt bought it for his son, Otto in 1883.

When it comes to piles of snow and subzero temps mid-winter in Plymouth brings, most of us tend to be wimps. But maybe we just need a bit of inspiration, a little nudge to get us off that couch and into the city we love. The winter might be cold, but it’s also a great time to explore.

Stand-up paddle boarding is for you: yes, you. Regardless of your age, fitness type or level of comfort in the water, you can enjoy—and succeed at—paddle boarding. As its name suggests, in stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), the participant stands on a board, much like a surfer would.

Suffering from insomnia? Read this for a quick cure: Stormwater runoff. Infiltration. Watershed management . Asleep yet? Now try this: Shrinking back yards. Stinky creeks. Flooded basements. Kind of wakes you up again, doesn’t it?

Do some laps at Lifetime Fitness Get busy toning your physique in the lap pool or sail down the slides in the leisure pool. Residents free; non-residents $30 or $15 with a member.

Thrill seekers get ready: Summer in Minnesota is a great time to get out on the water. Not only in a boat, but behind a boat, cutting a wake on a lake.

Plymouth is home to 1,200 acres of park land, 124 miles of trails, and numerous health clubs and recreational opportunities. With an abundance of resources right outside the door, summer is the perfect time to try something new or pursue that long-standing fitness goal.