From Paperwork to Poetry

Former Medina mayor Liz Weir reveals her poetic nature.

Former Medina mayor Liz Weir has published her first book of collected poems, High on Table Mountain, which was released in March. The book is broken up into sections symbolizing the different phases of the moon, tackling themes such as immigration, conflict, the arc of a life and the natural world.

Originally from England, Weir moved with her family to Minnesota where she got involved in local government. After her retirement as mayor in 2014, she was able to revisit her poetry. Writing for publications, studying poetry and working with other poets helped her assemble a structure for the book, Weir explains.

“Really, I had a complete break for 10 years,” she says, “I started looking at it again and I could see an order of how [the poems] could form a sequence and sort of tell a story.”

With poems that tell stories and others that are more lyrical, Weir says her book is intended for all readers, not just poetry buffs.

High on Table Mountain is available from North Star Press or, $12.95. To learn more about her work as well as upcoming readings and discussions, visit her website here. Weir is also available to attend book clubs and other events.