Patrick Chapman of Haskell’s in Plymouth Shares Summer Beer Recommendations

Summer has stretched out its limbs and settled into the Plymouth landscape—bringing with it bare feet, warm evenings and sizzling sidewalks, sometimes hot enough to fry an egg on. Summer also brings another delight for the senses—craft beers. Whether enjoyed in a favorite lawn chair in your front yard or at a lively BBQ with friends, the tantalizing flavors and refreshing fizz of a good beer is a Minnesota summer classic.  Patrick Chapman, sales manager for Haskell’s in Plymouth, shares some of his favorite craft beers, so we can all get right down to enjoying the gifts of another Minnesota summer.   

Fair State, Roselle Hibiscus Sour
For adventurous beer drinkers and those who enjoy a sour kick of refreshment on a hot day, the Fair State Roselle Hibiscus Sour is “a great entry into the world of sour beer,” says Chapman.  With soft hints of sour red raspberry and whispers of floral, pomegranate and citrus, this beer is a great choice for days when the temperature climbs to tropical heights. ($10.99)

Fulton, Standard Lager
This beer brings balance to any summer meal. Chapman describes it as a “classic lager that is balanced— not too malty, not too hoppy—with a medium crisp acidity that will make this beer a great compliment to any BBQ or backyard gathering.” Fire up the grill, invite some friends or neighbors over and enjoy a good meal and a cold one—a summer classic. ($5.99)

Bent Paddle, Golden IPA
Summer means more time with family and friends. As we pack away our sweatshirts and replace our boots with flip flops, something about the atmosphere inspires us to get together. Bent Paddle Golden IPA “is a crowd pleasing entry level IPA,” says Chapman. Bright grapefruit and grassy hints dance on the palate, followed by a balanced maltiness, and finishing dry and slightly bitter. Whether you’re looking to please a crowd, or simply yourself, this beer is a safe bet. Chapman recommends pairing Bent Paddle Golden IPA with spicy BBQ or tacos. ($10.99)

Lupulin Brewing, Hooey IPA
IPA fans rejoice—there’s a new beer in town and it’s making moves and taking names.“This is one of the more exciting additions to the local microbrews, especially for IPA fans,” says Chapman. “This beer is very floral— showing pungent hints of grapefruit, orange peel and vegetative hints of bell peppers.” Bright and fresh, this beer is a prime example of an unfiltered New England style IPA “and is a must-try for IPA fans,” says Chapman.   ($13.99)

As Minnesotans, we all know that summer is much too short. It breezes into our lives with an easy confidence, warming our souls and freckling our faces. And then it’s gone. But as Minnesotans, we also know how to enjoy summer—probably better than anyone else in the world. And what better way to enjoy than with beer in hand, surrounded by friends or soaking up the sun solo. Make sure to try all of Chapman’s favorites, available at Haskells in Plymouth, before summer slips through our fingers once again.