Peg Brantman’s Award-winning Photo

Peg Brantman, a.k.a. “The Card Lady” at the  local Walgreens stores, has long had an artsy bent. She snapped her first photo on a little Brownie Starflash while in 4-H, “a long time ago,” she says. “Although I’ve taken many photos since then, I’ve only recently taken it more seriously and have been participating in some online tutorials and photo classes.” This particular beauty, not shot on the Brownie but “on a very good little point and shoot,” was taken early last July at Bass Lake Playfields on the last day of beginners’ soccer camp. T is inspired by Brantman’s granddaughter, but she also credits the online tutorials for encouraging her to try shooting in midday sun. “The tunnel gave the perfect bit of shade to capture T—very quickly, I must add—without direct sun glare,” Brantman says. Beyond family—she and husband Frank have 3 children and 6 grandchildren—Brantman’s photography is mostly influenced by nature (“especially flowers,” she says) and travel. The Brantmans have lived in Plymouth since 1989 and the city’s beautiful parks rank high on her “why we live in and love Plymouth” list, especially French Park, which is just east of their home. “And being so close to downtown, (inside the loop, as they say) is a HUGE plus,” she adds. & Don’t forget! Enter this year’s Picture Plymouth photo contest August 1–31 at