Perfect Synergy

PureAlchemy Design offers synergy and branding renovations for company spaces.
PureAlchemy’s innovative and award-winning design at SeaChange maximizes natural light while adding pleasing pops of color throughout.

Commercial interior design firm PureAlchemy Design is making waves among local businesses. Specializing in the rebranding and revitalization of a space, the Plymouth-based firm has received attention from a recent renovation of Minneapolis print and marketing company SeaChange and is building momentum with an unusual approach to interior design. Principal Stephany Eaton says each element in the work environment—furniture, layout and color—directly affects the perceptions of everyone who walks through the door. The mission is to build an environment in which all these things work together, creating an environment that evokes the natural potential of the building. Through a contemporary and progressive approach to branding, PureAlchemy delivers “a breath of fresh air through an entire space,” leading to higher productivity and, she says most importantly, the wellbeing of a company and its employees.