Photo Contest: He Makes All Things New

An everyday backyard view is transformed into a heavenly vista.

Heidi Eitreim was heading out the back door of her home when this breath-taking scene caught her eye.

Although the glow was merely from her neighbor’s garage light, and the trees were a sight that she hardly ever paid attention to, one fall day last year the elements combined perfectly to remind Eitreim of the beauty of a day’s new creation.

“The way the fog had come in made this normal group of trees in our backyard look amazing, heavenly, I think,” she says.

The vista so entranced the mother of four that she backtracked and headed inside to grab her camera. Wanting to do justice to the image she saw, she adjusted her camera settings and tripod and captured the shot with her Sony A77. She titled it “He Makes All Things New.”

“This was a view that I see every time I go outside of my house, in my backyard, but that day it seemed to be a completely new image. It was a great reminder that God, our creator, can make something brand new. It’s very inspiring,” she says.

Although the ethereal beauty of nature was this photo’s focus, it is usually Eitreim’s children who are the source of her photographic inspiration.

“As a matter of fact, my children are almost always in my photos. Looking at this picture, it would be better if my children were in it,” she says with a laugh.

Although Eitreim has been taking photos since high school, it has been only in the last five or six years that she has really started to educate herself on the process.

“Photography is therapeutic for me. It’s the way I express myself. I see life in pictures,” she says about her hobby.